Elementor AI: Leveraging the power of AI to build websites

Elementor AI: Discover the power of Elementor AI’s native integration for WordPress. Streamline your web creation process with convenient, tailored results, from text to images. Explore the future of web design with Elementor AI.

Over the past few months, generative AI has taken centre stage in almost everything we do, gaining popularity fast. As a web designer, there are a wide array of uses for generative AI. From content and webcopy, to the layout and design, AI may begin to revolutionise the way web creators build websites.

Elementor, as the leading website builder for WordPress, is the first to add a native AI integration. At this stage, Elementor AI will empower you to generate and improve text and custom code (HTML, Custom Code and Custom CSS) and create captivating and unique images. 

With Elementor AI Starter and Elementor AI Power, you can generate original text, enhance or translate existing text, or create Custom CSS, Code, and HTML snippets that enhance your website, without having to write any code.

You can also generate captivating images, customise images using generative fill, edit them, adjust their aspect ratio, or use a reference image to create variations.

To empower you to achieve better results with Elementor AI, Elementor has further added a prompt enhancer, which will automatically elevate your prompts to generate better results. Additionally, to inspire your AI image creation, Elementor AI includes an image gallery full of images to use on your website, or copy the prompts that created them to modify and create your own original images.

Why use Elementor AI Compared to an External AI Tool?

Since Elementor AI is specifically tailored for Elementor, it provides a number of benefits that surpass using external generative AI tools, including:

  • Convenience – Elementor AI is natively integrated within Elementor, meaning you don’t have to go back and forth between the Editor and the AI tool you use, which also accelerates your workflow.
  • Relevant Suggestions – Anytime you open Elementor AI, you are provided with a number of relevant suggestions, based on the asset you would like to use AI on. For example, if you choose a heading widget and want to use Elementor AI to help write your heading, a number of relevant suggestions are added to the modal. This empowers you to fine-tune your request and brings you closer to your desired outcome.
  • Context – Elementor AI is built specifically for Elementor, when writing a request the results provided already include context in regards to the element you’re working on. For example, if you want to add Custom CSS to a certain element, Elementor AI is engineered to provide results that include the specific selector, so you don’t have to write a single line of code.
  • Image Generation Prompt Library – Elementor AI has pre-engineered the majority of settings you would need to add to your prompts to generate a relevant and usable image for your website, guiding you to receive high-quality images in your AI generated results.

Elementor AI Features

  • Create, modify, translate, or shorten original text
  • CSS, HTML, JavaScript and Custom Code Creation
  • Text to Image creation
  • Generative Fill for images
  • Image Variations
  • Expand Images (aspect ratio)
  • Resize Images (resolution)
  • Remove Background
  • Replace Background

The Application of AI Within Elementor

In the first phase, an AI generator will be added in the following spaces:

  • Content area – in the content (text) area of every widget, there will be a new feature ‘Write with AI’. Available in the content area of the widget panel, and in the Editor when highlighting specific text.
  • Custom HTML – the HTML widget has a new ‘AI Code Assistant’ to help with generating or enhancing HTML scripts.
  • Custom CSS [requires Elementor Pro or Hosting] – you will be able to use the AI Code Assistant in the Custom CSS of every widget. The AI Code Assistant will generate Custom CSS that is relevant to each widget you use it on, to provide you with relevant results.
  • Custom Code [requires Elementor Pro or Hosting] – Custom Code in the WordPress dashboard will also have an ‘AI Code Assistant’ to generate custom code snippets, such as Google Analytics code or Facebook Pixel code to measure the impact of your website’s pages.
  • Image Widgets – you can open the image generator by clicking “Create with AI” in the content area of any widget that includes an image, including the Image widget, the CTA widget, Featured image, and more.
  • Backgrounds – you can open the image generator to add a background to any element by clicking the “Create with AI” Content area of any widget.

What can Elementor AI be used for?

Elementor AI for Images

Use Elementor AI Images or Prompts from Our Gallery Directly in Your Website

Clicking the “Create Image” button from any of the image areas in the Editor will open an Image Generator that includes a number of images ready for you to use in your website from the get-go. Each of the images in the gallery also include the prompt that was used to create them, so you can instantly copy it into the prompt field, modify it and create your own unique images.

Write Simple Text To Turn Your Imagination into Images

Images you add to your website have a significant impact on visitor engagement and making sure your website stands out from the others. With Elementor AI’s image generator, you can dream up any type of image, describe your request in words in Elementor AI to create any type of image. Every request you write will generate four image variations, so you can choose the one that works best for your website.

Leverage Elementor AI’s Prompt Enhancer for Better Results

With Elementor AI, you can use the prompt enhancer to automatically elevate your prompt. That way, even if you don’t know how to write the best prompt to generate images, you can still achieve high-quality results without having to leave the Editor.

Refine Your Images and Add Missing Elements

With Elementor AI, you can select parts of your image that you want to enhance or add missing elements to, giving you unprecedented control over the final result. With the Generative Fill feature, you can highlight the areas you want to modify, you can seamlessly enhance specific elements, while preserving the overall integrity of the image. This level of customisation allows you to tailor images to fit your exact needs, ensuring that every part of your website is precise.

Extend your Images Beyond the Original Frame

To ensure your image has the right aspect ratio for your website, and that its size perfectly fits within your website, you can also extend images. For example, if you have a square image, you can extend it vertically or horizontally to meet your desired dimensions by providing Elementor AI with instructions on how to extend its background to fit the size you need.

Generate Contextual Images For Your Website

Where you want to place images in the website plays an important role in the type of image you want to create. For example, typically you’ll want a different type of image for a background, than you would want to use in a dedicated image area using the Image widget where you want to display something more specific – like a photograph. Since Elementor AI is natively integrated in the Editor, anytime you use it to generate an image, it’s already engineered to provide you with contextual image results.

Consistency and Brand Identity

Maintaining consistency across your website is crucial for building a strong brand identity. AI-generated images can ensure a cohesive visual language by including specific style guidelines, color schemes, and brand elements in your requests. With Elementor AI, you can create images that align with your brand, conveying a consistent and professional look throughout your website. This consistency enhances brand recognition, establishes credibility, and fosters a sense of trust with your visitors.

Leverage Reference Images to Add Variety to Your Website

To add variety to your website, you can use any of the images Elementor AI created as a reference image. That way, you can quickly add variety by modifying your generated image with a new prompt, and creating a number of similar images. When you use a reference image, you can also choose how much weight the reference image or new prompt will have on creating the new images.

Instantly Refresh Your Website with New, But Similar Images

Updating your website images frequently can help keep your visitors more engaged and their interest high. WIth Elementor AI’s Image Generator, you can use any image on your website as a reference and create a new image from it, to keep your website’s images fresh and enticing.

Make Images an Affordable Addition for Your Website

Instead of paying a hefty licensing fee or pay-per-use for each image, use any of the images generated by Elementor AI within your website for an affordable price, starting at $2.99 a month (billed annually).

Elementor AI for Text

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Elementor AI is natively integrated in Elementor, in many areas that generative AI can improve your creation process. This includes every text area, custom code, custom HTML and custom CSS. Elementor AI for image creation and enhancement will be coming soon as well. This means you can improve your workflow by seamlessly using Elementor AI where you need it, instead of having to switch back and forth between different tabs and tools while building your website.

Instantly Create Original Text

Craft your website’s original content instantly with Elementor AI. The content area of every widget has been enriched with the new AI writer that you can use to create new content. On top of that, Elementor AI proposes contextual suggestions for each content area, to help fine tune your AI prompt and bring you closer to results you can use on your website quickly. Once you receive content from Elementor AI, you can choose to use it or adjust it by making it shorter or longer, or adjust the tone of voice to match your text to your website’s brand perfectly.

Enhance your Website’s Content

Elevate your website’s content with the AI Writer, highlight your text and click the AI icon to optimise your content, change its style, and deliver high-quality, and consistent messaging throughout your website to establish your brand’s identity.

Grow Your Audience By Making Your Website Multilingual

Translate your website’s content into any language using Elementor AI’s writer. That way, create engaging content, and grow your reach beyond your own native language, without having to use an external tool or hire a translator.

Visualise AI Outputs in Your Website and Make Necessary Adjustments

Place Elementor AI generated content directly in your website instantly, and see how it fits in with your website’s layout and style. Make necessary adjustments in seconds like making the text shorter or longer.

Design Unique and Creative Website Designs and Experiences with Elementor AI’s Code Assistant

Make your website stand out by adding Custom CSS or HTML, without having to write a single line of code yourself. Leverage the Elementor AI’s Code Assistant to generate Custom CSS for each element. Elementor AI knows how to apply CSS to Elementor’s specific selectors, so you don’t have to adjust it to each element.

Additionally, you can add the HTML widget and use the AI Code Assistant to create custom CSS or HTML, and add it anywhere on your website.

Measure Your Website’s Performance with AI generated Custom Code for Analytics

Leverage Elementor AI’s Code Assistant to generate Custom Code allowing you to implement custom code snippets, such as Google Analytics code or Facebook Pixel code to measure the impact of your landing page.

Overall thoughts

Elementor AI represents a transformative advancement in web creation, leveraging the potential of generative AI to streamline the design process. Its native integration within Elementor offers unmatched convenience and tailored results, enhancing text, code, and image generation. From crafting original content to enabling multilingual capabilities, Elementor AI not only boosts productivity but also ensures brand consistency, trust-building, and cost-effective image solutions.

In a dynamic digital landscape, Elementor AI empowers web creators to embrace innovation and stay at the forefront of web design, with the promise of even more exciting developments on the horizon.

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