Image of girl wearing a hat with the Maroni logo design presented over the top. Logo design by Jo Collinge Creative
Maroni – Brand Strategy and Identity Design
March 13, 2021
Portfolio presentation with a photo of two girls with logo of "Mist You" over the top. Designed by Jo Collinge Creative.
Mist You – Skincare brand logo design
August 13, 2021
parallax background

Luxury logo design for
a natural deodorant brand.

Logo design for
a radically different
natural deodorant brand.


The brand (passion project).

"Designed with popping colours to stand out from other natural beauty brands. Fiore (Italian for flower) are a startup natural deodorant brand for women. Modern, fresh, feminine and fuss-free, Fiore required a bright, trendy colour palette to appeal to 20-somethings who are highly engaged with the beauty industry. Fiore are anything but ‘boring’, and wanted something new and radical to speak to their target audience."
Primary logo lockup

Secondary logo lockup
Logo submark


French Rose.


Cadmium orange.



  • "Fiore" logo with brightly coloured background image of girl in the background, designed by Jo Collinge Creative
  • Brightly coloured image of a girl behind the "Fiore" logo, designed by Jo Collinge Creative
  • Cosmetic jar mockup for "Fiore" branding project, designed by Jo Collinge Creative
Label design

Vibrant colour pairings for Fiore's fun and zesty scents.

Pattern design

Versatility to explore branded designs for packaging and marketing material.