Creative web design portfolio | JoCollingeCreative | website mockup in computer frame
Pilateswise – Website design and graphic desin
September 12, 2018
Image of girl wearing a hat with the Maroni logo design presented over the top. Logo design by Jo Collinge Creative
Maroni – Brand Strategy and Identity Design
March 13, 2021

Bold & beautiful
design for an inclusive
lingerie label

Bold & beautiful
design for an inclusive
lingerie label


The brand

“In the nude” is an inclusive lingerie brand for every-body with a one-size-fits all approach, making women feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. The brand required a bold yet feminine design to reflect the brand’s vision. The dot on the ‘i’ is balanced by the full stop, or “period” at the end, a subtle reference to women’s menstrual cycles and body positivity. The ‘two dots’ are another indirect ode to female empowerment representing the “free the nip” movement. #gothegirls

Primary logo lockup.

Secondary logo lockup.

Logo submark.


Monochrome colour palette.


Burnt Charcoal.



Label design

The font has a stenciled, cut-out effect giving off the illusion of being “bare”, or in the nude.

Pattern design

Bold repeat of the logo submark for use in packaging and other marketign material.