"Fiore" logo with brightly coloured background image of girl in the background, designed by Jo Collinge Creative
Fiore – Beauty Brand Logo design
June 5, 2021

Logo design
for an energy boosting
facial mist brand

Logo design
for an energy boosting
facial mist brand


The brand

'Mist You' is all about wellbeing and positive energy, aimed at helping young women in their teens to early 20's find a moment of me-time to feel refreshed - morning, day and night. Each mist has it's own unique formula with beautifully natural ingredients designed to help you focus, calm your mind, sleep better or lift your mood. Perfect for stressful exam periods, or just to use at the beach or for a quick refresh after a long day.

Primary logo lockup

Secondary logo lockup.

Logo submark.

Sticker design


Calming, youthful, feminine, natural


Silver Pink.





  • Logomark design of a heart and water splash showcasing the brand name "Mist You" for a creative project
  • Portfolio presentation with a photo of two girls with logo of "Mist You" over the top. Designed by Jo Collinge Creative.
Patterns & Mockups

Versatility to explore branded designs for new scents and ingredient pairings.